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Attendence Filter

How do I apply Filters in Attendnce module

Roles and Permissions:

Organisation Owner/Manager/Delivery head:
They can view the attendance of all members of the organization.

Department Head:
They can view the attendance of Department members.

Project Manager:
They can view the attendance of all project members.

Team Lead:
They can view then attendance of Teams members.

They can view the attendance themselves.

Please refer following link for accessing Roles and Permission :

Owners and managers can easily keep track of when their team started and stopped their timer via the Attendance page.

Attendance management features support flexible workplace structures through enhancements, such as automated timesheets. These intuitive solutions increase efficiency and analyze attendance patterns.


Select Attendnce from the main navigation menu.

Click on Filter Button , Apply filter

Updated on: 10/05/2024

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