How do I prevent managers from seeing all the projects?


Since I have different groups or teams I would love to be able to make the head of those teams a manager so they can see their team’s work. If I understand correctly if I set one of them up as a manager they will be able to view all of my projects – this I don’t want.


First, you’ll need to make sure the team member is set as a User on the organizational level so that they cannot access any other projects. To do this, set the user as a manager on the projects page.

Set a User as Manager on the Projects Page


Click on Projects on the sidebar menu.


Click on the [ ⋮ ] button on the right side of the project you wish to edit and then click on the “Edit project” option.


Update role of users to manager then click save changes.

To know more about Workstatus user role permissions, please click here.
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