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How to setup users in stealth mode?

How to setup users in stealth mode?

Role : As a Organization Owner/Manager : You will have to invite your member/user in order to run application in Stealth mode.


Go to Members >> Invite New Member


Enter Email- id, User Role, select invite mode as Stealth & Click on Save button

Invitation is successfully sent to user's email id.

Role : User

Now, Check the mail received on the invited mail id >> Click Accept and A batch is downloaded to your PC


Double click on the downloaded Batch file to make the installer run and let the app install in your PC.

App is now installed in your PC and has started to run.

Please follow link for any error in Stealth Mode :

As a Organization Owner - you can view your stealth member data in Timesheet and Activity section.

Please follow following link for Inviting in Bulk :

Note : Stealth Mode is currently available in Window.

Updated on: 25/01/2024

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