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Importing and Editing Time Off Balances

Importing and Editing Time Off Balances

Roles and Permissions:

Organization Owner/Manager :
They can Add Policy, Edit Policy, Archieve Policy, Remove Policy for all members of Organisation.

Please refer following link for accessing Roles and Permission :

We offer the ability to Import and Export time off balances as well as edit them directly in Workstatus from your account. If your team members have existing time off hours from work they performed outside of Workstatus, this guide will show you how to add those hours in to start them off with the correct amounts. It will also allow you to manually change hours, if needed:

Table of Contents:

Editing balances manually
Individual balances
Importing time off balances

Editing balances manually


Click on Settings >> All Settings and go to the Time Off area.


Select Time off balances and then go to the policy you wish to edit.


Click on Action >> Edit.


A dialog box will open, and you will be able to edit all the fields like policy name, members, schedule of accrual.


Click Save.


Click OK to confirm.

Importing time off balances

We support CSV and XLS formats and the import file must contain the following fields, typed out exactly as is here: “User email”, “Policy name”, “Balance”.
The “User email” should be exactly the email of the user from the system
The “Policy name” should be the exact name of the policy, case sensitive.
The “Balance” is expressed in hours and it supports the following formats: “hh:mm”, “h”, “hh”, “h.d” (d-decimal). Examples: “16:30”, “16”, “16.5”


Go to Time Off, click on Import.


Next, the Request time off dialog box will appear. You will be asked to fill in the following information:

Policy – the policy where you want to submit the request.
Timespan – the schedule of the time off, can be in hours or a full day.
Requested Time - total time in hours
Reason– the reason for the leave request.

Updated on: 22/04/2024

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