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How to enable the Project Milestone

How to enable the Project Milestone

Roles and Permissions:

Organization Owner/Manager:
THhey can can access General Settings.

Please refer following link for accessing Roles and Permission :

This setting allows to set the milestone of a project.To enable the Project Milestone setting, follow the instructions below:


Click on the Settings tab on the left sidebar, then select General >>Project >>Project milestone

Here you can easily enable/disable your project milestone. Click Enable and Yes to update the settings.

Note: Org. owner/manager can enable or disable this setting (if required) and by default, it will be set to Disable.

Now go to Project module>>add a project(in case project is not added)>>after adding project >>click on three dots against the project name>> Select View Project

Now click on Milestone(1) then on Add milestone(2)

Enter the details like : Milestone Name, Project Name, Start Date, End date, Budgeted Hours, Project Owner, flag and Click on Save Button

Flag Internal means : Milestone will be visible only to Project users.
Flag External Means: Milestone will be visible to both Client and Project users.
Click on Check Box to edit the milestone details if needed.

Updated on: 20/05/2024

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