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On-Boarding Common Questions

On-Boarding Common Questions

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How to setup organization

How to add user :

How to add & assign projects to user

How should user download & install the app (Windows / Mac / Linux)

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How should user login & start the timer on app (Windows / Mac / Linux)

Desktop Tracker

Available on Windows, MAC & Linux.

Desktop apps are our full-featured apps, where users can record time, keyboard/mouse activity, screenshots, apps, and URLs. For help in installing the client on
your machine, click on the links below:

Windows client
OSX client
Linux Desktop Client

Workstatus’s desktop tracker offers our full suite of features:

Play Button – starts tracking time (when pressed without selecting a project/task will record on the last project set). Members are in control of when time is being tracked and activity data being gathered.
Timer – will run as soon as any play buttons are pressed. Resets every midnight based on the user’s local timezone.
Add Note Button – users can add work notes while tracking time.
Current Status
Active Project/Task – shows which project/to-do is currently being tracked.
Weekly Limits – this shows how much of your weekly limit has been consumed.
Total Worked Time – shows the total time tracked for the day.
Project Search Bar – type in a project name to search for projects easily.
Organization Name
Project Name – track time directly to projects when the play button is pressed.
Refresh Button and Status – shows the date and time the app last updated data from the server. Pressing the refresh button will force tasks and activities to sync.
Compact Mode – switches the app to a smaller size.
Toggle Task List – shows/hides the tasks pane.
Settings Menu – shows available settings such as show/hide timer, error reporting, sign out, quit, and app preferences.
To-dos Filter – filters tasks and task lists.
Show Completed – place a checkmark to include completed to-dos on the task’s pane.
Search Tasks – type the task name to find to-dos easily.
Create a Task – create tasks/to-dos on the fly. Note: when projects are integrated, this option will not be available.
To-Do – click the play button next to the to-do name to track time to the to-do.
Complete Button – marks the to-do as completed. Once completed time tracking will no longer be available on the task.

Here are the instructions on how to start tracking time using the desktop timer:


Once Desktop app is installed in PC, next step is to Login - Login Page will prompt on screen >> Enter your Workstatus Credentials.




You can track time directly next to the project name, or the to-do/task within that project. Once tracking starts, a live ticker will count the seconds, minutes, and hours you have worked in real-time.

The app uploads data to the dashboard every ~10 minutes depending on your connection speed.


To stop tracking time, click any of the stop buttons on the main timer, the project name or the to-do name.

Please follow following link for details information:

How should user check timer running on project / todo be seen on web app in timesheet section

If a user is running timer on a todo, it will be view in the view timesheet >> select user name from drop down>> Under column Project details- we can see highlighted section.
Here it shows Project name(MISC TASK) & Todo name - MISC TASK .

Similarly - In Module Activity >> Screenshots >>we can see the screenshot captures of Project/ToDo ran.

Please follow following link for details information:

Timesheet :

Updated on: 30/05/2023

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