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How to view Attendance under Time & Attendence module?

How to view Attendance under Time & Attendence module?

Roles and Permissions:

Organisation Owner/Manager/Delivery head:
They can view the attendance of all members of the organization.

Department Head:
They can view the attendance of Department members.

Project Manager:
They can view the attendance of all project members.

Team Lead:
They can view then attendance of Teams members.

They can view the attendance themselves.

Please refer following link for accessing Roles and Permission :

Owners and managers can easily keep track of when their team started and stopped their timer via the Attendance page.

Attendance management features support flexible workplace structures through enhancements, such as automated timesheets. These intuitive solutions increase efficiency and analyze attendance patterns.

Clock In/Out
Attendance Visuals & Logs

In order to check the attendance of your members, you can select the member name and Date from the drop down list to view.
It will show below status:

Total days - in that particular Month
Total Working days - (Removing week offs and Holidays)
Days Present - No. of days Tracker runs (Punch in / Punch out)
Days Absent - No. of days absent
Avg Working Hours - of selected period
Avg Break Hours - of selected Period
Attendance % - of selected Period

Clock In/Out

Software accurately captures employee time and attendance the moment they start their Desktop/Mobile Time tracker.

Attendance Visuals

It gives you the visual view of the log in and log out time of the users who are present for that day. Hovering on any entry with grey color, indicates the break/timer being stop for that period of time span.

Hovering on timeline it will show the card with “Productivity Summary”

The Duration will be showing of that hovering ""green Timeline""
Effective TIme
Activity Time
Idle Time
Manual Time
idle %
Break Time

This card also includes below 4 Icons


The Green color tick icon(2) indicates timer which was started is stopped now. if the icon still shows Yellow color(3), it indicates that timer is still running and user has not clocked out for the day.


This Portion of Attendance module will help in identifying the user's clock in time as Delayed, On-Time as per the schedule assigned to him.

Updated on: 10/05/2024

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