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Supported operating systems, browsers and devices

Supported operating systems, browsers and devices

Workstatus is a multi-platform tool that supports desktop, browser and mobile apps. Each app and device has a specific feature set depending on the activity you need to track.

This article will provide a quick reference to each of the functionalities available on each client type.

Table of contents

Minimum system requirements per OS
Functionality table
Client installation guides
Supported browsers

Minimum system requirements

Functionality table

The table below is a quick reference to the functions supported by each client

Additional details on each functionality

Screenshots– captures screenshots (0 to 3 snaps) per 10-minute intervals.
Input tracking – record keyboard/mouse movements. This only records if there was any movement, not the specific actions/keystrokes.
Idle time – records when a user has been inactive or idle while tracking time.
Reminders – sends a reminder when set when the user is tracking time.
URL & App tracking – record application and web address/URL data.
Activity breakdown– the total activity is broken down into mouse and keyboard activities.
Location tracking – record locations.

Client installation guides

Mac Desktop Client
Windows Desktop Client
Linux Desktop Client

Android Mobile Client
iOS Mobile Client

Supported browsers

The following browsers support URL tracking:

Internet Explorer (IE 11 must be updated to the latest version)

Please refer following link for accessing Roles and Permission :

Updated on: 14/03/2024

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