The Dashboard isn’t updating the online status and time worked correctly


One of my employees is online but it is showing that they are not working. Why is that?


The desktop application communicates with the website every 10 minutes, which means that it takes 10 minutes to update their status in the Dashboard once they start the desktop timer. You wouldn’t see their status get updated in real-time and will only see it change as soon as the server syncs (approximately every 10 minutes). If the status stays offline and doesn’t change to online after 10 – 15 minutes, that means their desktop timer isn’t running or they have internet connectivity issues.

Either way, the time tracked is all correct. What happens is that all the time is stored locally, so regardless of internet speed or even being offline, everything is stored locally and then uploaded when a solid connection is found.

We do a large number of uploads so some activity doesn’t upload every 10 minutes. This is why the delay may be 10 – 15 minutes on average.
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