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Time Tempering related Information

Time Tempering handling within Workstatus

Time Tempering is any change done in Current system time/date such as doing Date Forward or Backward & Time Forward or Backward.

The way you can verify your time and Date as per your Time zone is correct is by going to one of the global clock sites and checking that the time the website says that your time zone should be is the time you have your computer’s clock set to and that your timezone is matching the time zone you chose to look at.

Our App will match the Time/Date changed in PC and server Time/Date, if not a match - App will throw the error message of "Date/Time Mismatch". Please follow below links for relevant information:

Adjust Time Tempering in MAC

Adjust Time Tempering in iOS/Android

Adjust Time Tempering in Linux

Adjust time tempering in Windows

Updated on: 11/05/2023

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