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Time Tracker App Overview

Time Tracker App Overview

To get started tracking your time with Workstatus, you will need to download one of our software client applications.

Workstatus offers various apps across operating systems and devices, catering to your organization’s setup. If you’re planning or are unable to install any software or apps on your machine, please contact us at

Each one of our time tracking apps carries a different set of time tracking features. For example, some features may be supported in the desktop app (i.e., screenshots) while not in the mobile app. Below is a table that illustrates which features are available for each app:

IMPORTANT: None of these features are active unless time is being tracked. Members have control over when their timer is turned on and off.

Exceptions: Fleet tracking allows for locations to be sent to our servers but is only stored when the timer is active. Timers are turned on and off passively as well when members enter a “Job site” that has “Start timer” and “Stop timer” turned on for entries and exits to the geofence.

Download The Workstatus App Here


Desktop Tracker
Mobile Apps

Desktop Tracker

Available on Windows & Mac.

Desktop apps are our full-featured apps, where users can record time, keyboard/mouse activity, screenshots, apps, and URLs. For help in installing the client on
your machine, click on the links below:

Windows client
OSX client

Workstatus’s desktop tracker offers our full suite of features:

Play Button – starts tracking time (when pressed without selecting a project/task will record on the last project set). Members are in control of when time is being tracked and activity data being gathered.
Timer – will run as soon as any play buttons are pressed. Resets every midnight based on the user’s local timezone.
Add Note Button – users can add work notes while tracking time.
Current Status
Active Project/Task – shows which project/to-do is currently being tracked.
Weekly Limits – this shows how much of your weekly limit has been consumed.
Total Worked Time – shows the total time tracked for the day.
Project Search Bar – type in a project name to search for projects easily.
Organization Name
Project Name – track time directly to projects when the play button is pressed.
Refresh Button and Status – shows the date and time the app last updated data from the server. Pressing the refresh button will force tasks and activities to sync.
Compact Mode – switches the app to a smaller size.
Toggle Task List – shows/hides the tasks pane.
Settings Menu – shows available settings such as show/hide timer, error reporting, sign out, quit, and app preferences.
To-dos Filter – filters tasks and task lists.
Show Completed – place a checkmark to include completed to-dos on the task’s pane.
Search Tasks – type the task name to find to-dos easily.
Create a Task – create tasks/to-dos on the fly. Note: when projects are integrated, this option will not be available.
To-Do – click the play button next to the to-do name to track time to the to-do.
Complete Button – marks the to-do as completed. Once completed time tracking will no longer be available on the task.

Here are the instructions on how to start tracking time using the desktop timer:


You can track time directly next to the project name, or the to-do/task within that project. Once tracking starts, a live ticker will count the seconds, minutes, and hours you have worked in real-time.

The app uploads data to the dashboard every ~10 minutes depending on your connection speed.


To stop tracking time, click any of the stop buttons on the main timer, the project name or the to-do name.

Mobile App

Available on both Android and iPhone

A list of the projects you can track time against is displayed when the app is opened.


To access assigned tasks, simply click on the ToDo link for each project.


To begin tracking your time, simply tap the Play button after selecting the project and/or task name.
Project tracking:

Task tracking:

Once tracking begins, a live ticker will count the seconds, minutes, and hours you have worked in real-time.

Mobile App features run-down

If you wish to add a note to your timesheets, you can do so by clicking the Add Note button.
If your employer has set a weekly tracking limit for you, it will be shown on the client. You will always know how much time you have left to track within the week. However, if you do reach your limit, a notification will appear, letting you know that no more time can be tracked.
A running total of the time tracked within each day will be displayed on the client as shown below.
Our mobile app has a number of web app features available, via the main menu. To access it, simply tap on the menu icon.

Mobile Menu Options

Access the mobile menu to reveal features such as timesheets, activities, reports, Jobsite, time off and help & feedback.
Having mobile access to these features is handy for users and owners who are on the move.

Do you need help installing the mobile app? Please see our step-by-step installation guides here: Android, iPhone

Please refer following link for accessing Roles and Permission :

Updated on: 13/03/2024

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