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Time zone Mismatch Error in Linux

Time zone Mismatch Error in Linux

Workstatus is built to work with your user’s real time zone.

When a user’s operating system Timezone is not correct, Workstatus will display an error telling them that the timezone on their operating system is not matching with Workstatus account.

The way you can verify your time zone is correct is by going to one of the global clock sites and checking that the time the website says that your time zone should be is the time you have your computer’s clock set to and that your timezone is matching the time zone you chose to look at.

Workstatus can calculate this time mismatch because the server knows the correct UTC time and it knows the end user’s time offset (timezone) so it knows if the clock off by more than +/- 2 mins. If the clock off by more than 2 minutes, Workstatus will not allow the user to record activity. Once the user’s computer is set to the correct time, Workstatus will track without problems.


Click on the clock in the upper right-hand corner. Then click on “Time & Date settings”.


Select your current location on the map, then make sure the time is set “Automatically from the Internet”.

Time Zone Mismatch error

Updated on: 29/08/2023

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