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Tracking time on multiple devices on the same day

Tracking time on multiple devices on the same day


Does Workstatus support using two computers at once? Usually, I am using two computers simultaneously. I see it lets me run the clock on both, and it doesn’t seem to be counting time double, but I would like to know more information about how this is handled or if I’m causing problems.


You may install Workstatus on multiple computers or mobile devices, however, you cannot run more than one-timer at the same time when signed in to the same account. This will affect the time that’s being reported to the website. What would happen is that one-timer would overwrite the other. In order for it to work properly, one-timer must be stopped before you start the other or alternately create an additional user account.

There are no issues with using multiple clients on the same physical day, as long as none of the time overlaps. All-time will be received and posted to the user’s timeline. All clients will not immediately reflect time accrued by other clients. This may take a significant amount of time depending on connectivity and which client you are tracking.

If you are tracking time that overlaps the other client it will count up, then when it’s presented to the server it will be rejected, and the time will be removed from the client causing it to “reset”.

It’s not enough to just stop on one client before restarting on the other. The two clients must be in sync. There must be a time gap between the start and the stop time so that it doesn’t overlap. If there is any overlap, the whole 10-minutes block will be discarded.

While you can track using multiple clients, it’s not an officially supported use of the client and has very strict procedural requirements that need to be adhered to, to not lose time. This is due to the design requirement that the user does not need to have a constant connection to the server in order to use the client.

Updated on: 21/10/2021

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