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Activity Screen Delays

Activity Screen Delays


Are the screenshots for users, who log hours, available to the Managers to view in real-time? Or is there a time lag between the screenshots being made and them becoming visible to other users? E.g. I’ve had several occasions of a contractor logging time for 2-3 hours, but this wasn’t visible to my Manager until several hours later.


The activities page will always have about a 10-minute delay to work being done because our servers only sync once every 10 minutes.

Sometimes, depending on the quality of the user’s internet connection, will determine how fast screenshots will be available to view on the Activity page. You may see blocks of time where screenshots haven’t fully uploaded yet as shown on the image below:

We store all data locally on the user’s computer then they are uploaded to our servers. You should be able to see your team member’s screenshots shortly on your Activity page. Additionally, you can try to refresh the activities page to force it to update.

Please refer following link for accessing Roles and Permission :

Updated on: 14/03/2024

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