Changing the project/task when editing a time entry in the Timesheets?

Within Workstatus, you can reassign time tracked to different projects/to-dos, or decide to move the time tracked altogether to a different time span.

Reassigning time to different projects/to-dos

If a team member tracked time for the wrong project, team members (owner, manager, user roles) can edit time entries and assign them to the correct project as long as the Modify time setting is enabled.


Make sure that you are selecting the right user in the filter located in the upper left portion of the page. Then, press the [ ⋮ ] button right next to the time span that you want to edit and select Edit timesheet.


Select the project/task that you want to transfer the data into. If the time was tracked automatically (using the time tracking application), all the data will be allocated towards the new project. This includes screenshots, activity level, URLs visited, etc. Make sure you are providing the reason why you are editing the specified time entry when required.

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