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How to view manual time reasons

How to view manual time reasons

For each time a user has added or edited time, they can be required to provide a reason before saving their time entries. To find out what reasons each user provided for the time change, follow the steps below:

To be able to manually add/edit time entries, the Modify time setting should be enabled.

Time addition reason from the Timesheets > View timesheet page.

There is a way by which you can view the reason why a user has made manual changes to their timesheets.


To view the manual time reasons, click Timesheets >**View timesheets**


Click on the [ ⋮ ] button on the right side of any timesheet and then click on the “View timesheet” option.


The reason will appear on the “View timesheet” popup.

Manual time reasons can’t be edited after they have been entered on the Timesheets page.

Updated on: 16/03/2023

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