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Install and Sign-in into Windows Desktop Client

Install and Sign-in into Windows Desktop Client

Windows Desktop Client: Install and Sign In

Below are the instructions on how to install and sign-in to the Windows desktop client:


Download our Desktop apps for MAC, Windows and Linux from link :

Please refer the link to fix the installation error in windows :

After downloading the installer, run it, then go through the standard installation steps.

Windows installer file requires .NET Framework to run. While installing app will detect, if .NET file is not present
it will download itself else will proceed with installation.


After installing, it will prompt you to sign in. Enter your Workstatus account’s email address and password.


Upon signing in, the app will display all of the projects you’re assigned to. Just click on a project, or a task under that project then hit the play button to begin tracking time.


To take a break >>click on the Take break button and select the type of break you want to take & timer will stop.

In order to resume from break click on same break button and timer will start from the point where it was left.


Login as Admin/user in Web Application >>View Timesheet>> can see the Break Time taken for a day

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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