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Workstatus is showing low activity levels

Workstatus is showing low activity levels

Low Activity Levels

There can be a few reasons that you are seeing low activity levels and percentages…

1. Adding manual time – this shows 0% activity – Details here

2. Workers being hit with inactivity warnings and then “keeping” the timeDetails here

3. Small blocks of time recorded – so for instance, if the person logs in at 12:59 PM and work for 30 seconds, they could be not very active but since our server communicates every 10 mins, this 30 seconds may not be very indicative of overall performance.

The average percentage would be in the 60% range. Time tracked as idle will cause the activity percent to drop, as no activity is recorded (hence why we detected Idle).

Also, here is a short explanation of how “activity %” is computed with Workstatus. It represents the percent of seconds that the mouse or keyboard was interacted with on a specific time frame. So if you used the keyboard continuously for 30 seconds, then watched a training video for 9 minutes 30 seconds the activity % would be 5%. Because you only interacted with the computer directly for 5% of the total time.

Another example would be if you were reading different articles online, the only ‘active’ time reported would be the few seconds it takes you to get to the next article or to scroll down the page. So if you read 4 different pages for a total of 10 minutes it’s very likely that you only “interacted” for 20 or 30 seconds total.

Below is a very quick guide that you can use to evaluate your staff:

NOTE: these percentages are referring to ‘trends” that you can recognize over days or weeks. Do NOT evaluate an employee based on a specific segment or by a period of only a few hours.

● 95% – 100% – This activity level is not sustainable over a period of more than 30 minutes or so for most employees.
● 90% – 94% – Only the most active employees can reach this. It is reachable, but as an employer, you should not expect it.
● 75% – 89% – This is the activity that you could expect from an extremely active employee. If they reach these percentages on a consistent basis, they are working at a very good pace.
● 60% – 74% – This is still a very acceptable activity level for a good employee. If they are working at these levels consistently across the day.
● 50% – 59% – This activity level is becoming questionable. These employees are not as fast as the other employees for sure. They may take longer to make decisions, or they are slower typers, or they are distracted by other things.
● 35% – 49% – There is something else going on with this employee. They are simply trying to do just enough to get by.
● 0% – 34% – It may be time to look for someone else.

For further understanding of activity levels and time tracking in Worksatus, please take a look at the below articles:

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Updated on: 14/03/2024

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