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Message Board

What is Message Board ?

To view and participate in discussions, click on the "Message Board" tab where you can post updates, share ideas, and collaborate with team members. Use this space to stay connected and informed about project progress and any important announcements.

Who will access this massage board?
The message board will be accessible to all team members involved in the project, allowing them to post updates, share ideas, and collaborate effectively.

How to post a message in a message board?
Step 1 :
Click on Project Management >> Select Project >> Click on Message Board >> Click on New Message

Step 2 :
if you click on new message button then message board will open. Here you can add Title of message and description. There is another option here, Privacy, with the help of which you can set the privacy of who can see the messages and click Post message button.

Step 3 :
Here you can see then who is posting message and posting date.

How to view posting message.

To view details message you simply click on the message title, then the details view of the posting message will open.

Here all members who are part of the project are able to comment on this message.

How to Edit posting message.

Step 1:

Click on Project Management >> Select Project >> Click on Message Board >> click on message menu (three dot) >> Edit message

Save Draft Message.

This allows you to preserve your work and come back to it later without losing any information and Saved draft messages can only be viewed by the person who created the draft.

Message Scheduling

To schedule your message, select the desired date and time, then click 'Schedule Message'. This will ensure your message is sent at the specified time. In the scheduling feature, there should be an option to set messages to post in the future, up to one month ahead, but not beyond that. Message scheduling allows you to save your message as a draft, which you can view later on the message board.

Click on schedule icon >> select message scheduling date >> select message scheduling time >> click on Schedule & Save

Updated on: 13/06/2024

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