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What does the desktop application track?

What does the desktop application track?

The Workstatus desktop application tracks the following information while the user is tracking time:

Screenshots -
Mouse and Keyboard activity -
Apps & URL used -


The desktop application begins recording screenshots when the timer is started. Depending on the organization settings, it can record 1-3x screenshots every 10-minute period, as well as be disabled for individual users or for the entire team.

Mouse and keyboard activity
Workstatus records keyboard and mouse activity while tracking time. The app only records in binary (active=1, inactive=0) if there is activity and does not log individual keystrokes or actual mouse movement.

Activity is displayed under each screenshot:


While tracking time, the desktop app also records application data when enabled. The app will only record application data when a user is actively using the app. For example, if a user has Google Chrome and Microsoft Word open while tracking time, the app will only record app data for the app where a user is actively typing or clicking/moving the mouse.


The desktop app records URL/web address data when enabled. Just like the app recording feature, URLs are recorded when a user is active (via keyboard/mouse) on the website.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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