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Workstatus Quick Start Guide for Owners and Managers

Workstatus Quick Start Guide for Owners and Managers

Welcome to Workstatus! We’re glad to have you onboard one of the leading remote platforms for time tracking, activity tracking, and team payroll.

Workstatus gives you the tools to see how much time your team spends on specific projects and tasks, shows screenshots of what they’re working on, and more.

It can be hard to learn a new platform, but don’t worry! This guide will provide you with all the information you need to be successful in optimizing Workstatus for your business.

Please refer following link for accessing Roles and Permission :

We also have an article on how to transition your business to Workstatus.

Getting Started with Workstatus:

Setting up your organization
Setting up projects
Tasks / Todos
Configure organization settings
Invite team members
Download the app
Reassign projects
Screenshot and activity

Setting Up Your organization

Organizations are a way to organize your projects and tasks.

For example, you manage a virtual staff and you have 3 different clients that require exclusive access only to data they own. In this scenario, the best thing to do would be to create 3 organizations within Workstatus, so all recorded activity on each organization is accessed separately.

Netsoft Holdings, LLC
VMO Corporation
Elixir Marketing

At this point, you could invite the clients to view the work being completed, or you could simply use these organizations to manage which projects your team is working on if you do not want your clients to have access to screenshots, activity levels, and time tracking.

Starting a new organization in Workstatus is very simple, and you can have an unlimited number of organizations in one account.


From right corner , click on the “profile” then click “organizations” , Click “Add organizations” under “organization” from menu.


Enter the Company name and Choose your industry.


Select a team size, Enter the email of the Co-owner.


Choose a goal, then hit the “Save” button.

Setting Up your Projects

Now that you have your organization set up, the next thing to do is to start your first project. Projects are meant to organize the work within an organization.

Projects can be organized however you want to see them, but typically they would be something like this:

Graphic Design
Accounting / Bookkeeping

Or you could for example have several website properties under one organization. In this scenario, you could break down projects like this:

You can also set it up by client if you plan to bill each project to a specific client, for example:

Client 1
Client 2
Client 3

Click here to learn how to add clients to a Workstatus project.

You can really set up projects however you want, and you can always change them down the road.

In order to set up a project follow these two simple steps.


Select Project Management from the main navigation menu.


Click Add project.


Next, choose a name for your project and select the relevant members for different roles.

Once all fields are completed, click “Add project” to finalize the project.

Add as many or as few projects as you like. Your users will be able to see these projects in their desktop app, and they can select a project from the list and start tracking their time.

Users then will be shown a project menu that corresponds with the projects that you have set up in Workstatus.

Organize these projects as you work in your organization. If you want to simply have one project called Work that is perfectly fine. You can have one General project. It all depends on your management style and relationship with your team and how you’d like to view data within reports.

Tasks / To-dos

Tasks or to-dos can be created under projects within the Workstatus (time tracking) platform. To add tasks, click here.

It’s generally a good idea for you to follow up with your team to make sure that they have received and accepted your invitation. This lessens the chance that users might ignore the email.

Configure Settings

This page allows you to customize your organization settings. You will be able to change these settings later. Click here to learn how to access the organization settings.

Invite Your Team Members

Now that you have added some structure to your work, it’s time to invite your team. In order to invite a team member, you simply have to complete three simple actions.

1.Their email address
2.Select their role or access level (just use user if you are unsure) – you should be able to change this later and adjust settings down the road.
3.Assign a project to them (in order for your team to track time, a project needs to be selected).

You can invite a user by following this simple process.


Click on people dropdown , then click on Employees on the sidebar menu

Click the Invite new member button (if you have multiple organizations, you can select the organization using the top menu).


Then you should see a modal that allows you to invite your team. Simply enter their email, select a user role, and choose the projects that you want to assign to the team member and click add member button.

Roles and permissions are explained in detail here.


Once you invite your team they should receive an email invite.


Once your team member accepts the invite, they will be asked to create their own Workstatus account. Upon completion, you will receive an email informing you that they have successfully joined your organization.

Download app

To begin tracking time, you’ll need to download and install our desktop or mobile apps.

Download Workstatus

Your employer may also require one type of client to be used to ensure activities are recorded. It would be best to consult them or contact us in case you’re not sure what application to download.

Workstatus supports Mac, Windows & Linux operating systems for the desktop application, along with iOS and Android app for the mobile application.

User limits

Workstatus lets you set weekly and daily limits, where you can limit users to track a specific amount of time every day or week. Click on the links below to learn more:

Daily Limits
Weekly Limits

Reassign projects


Select Project Management from the main navigation menu


Click on the [ ⋮ ] button on the right side of the project you wish to edit and then click on the “Edit project” option.


Add new user in manager/user/viewer role and click save changes.

Screenshots and Activities

The app records screenshots as long as the user is tracking time. Screenshots will be uploaded to Workstatus’s servers and you’ll be able to see them on your Activity page .

How are activity levels calculated?

Workstatus calculates the % of mouse and keyboard strokes over the total time tracked which yields the percentage that you will see on the activities page. Click here to learn how we measure productivity.

How is Time Tracked and Calculated in Workstatus?

Unlike some other time tracking systems, Workstatus doesn’t just assume that an employee is active for every 10 or 15-minute segment. Instead, Workstatus only credits workers with the actual time that was spent in front of the computer and active. Click here to learn more about how we calculate time.

How to Delete Screenshots?

Only the organization owner/manager or Users with a project manager role can remove screenshots. Click here to learn how to delete screenshots.

Want to add or remove time for your team manually?

You can edit time manually on the Timesheets page. Click here to learn about how to add, delete or edit time manually.

In order to remove activity or edit time manually, you need to go to your organization settings and enable the Modify Time setting. Learn how to access those settings here.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us at or click here.

Updated on: 02/05/2024

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