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How to Invite Team Members

How to Invite Team Members?

You can invite users to your Hubstaff organization so they can begin tracking time. Click on a guide below to get started:
Inviting users
Resending invites

Inviting single users


To invite a team member, simply navigate to Members on the left-hand sidebar then click on Invite new Member.


A popup dialog should appear where you can fill in the Email, role, and the projects the user will be added to. Once you’re finished, press Save.


An invite email with a confirmation link will be sent to the user. After accepting the invite, they will be asked to set up their own Workstatus account. Once completed, the users will automatically be added to your organization.

Resending invites

If the person no longer has the invitation and needs to be sent another one, please follow these instructions:

Click on Members on the left-hand menu, then click on the Invited tab towards the top of the Members list, click on [ ⋮ ] button then Resend invite.

Updated on: 15/09/2022

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