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Can I see Workstatus hours in decimal format?

Can I see Workstatus hours in decimal format?


I made this query a while ago regarding reports and time summaries. Do you have any plan at all to allow the reports to list the decimal hour totals instead of just the HH:MM:SS format? I feel it would be very useful to our users and in general to make it easier to work with these numbers and avoid conversion confusion. IE. 01:15:00 = 1.25 hours.


The problem with decimals, which is what we originally had, is that they are not accurate. The decimal value is only to the hundredths place, which means you have to round the value since it might be 1.24823532432598. So we round that to 1.25. But when you total up all of these rounded line items in a report there is no guarantee that it will match the grand total at the bottom. So then we would get inquires about reports being broken/inaccurate. Hence, we moved to a format with no rounding HH:MM:SS.

Updated on: 21/10/2021

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