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How does manual time affect activity levels?

How does manual time affect activity levels?

How Does Manual Time Affect Activity Levels?

When manual time is entered by an employee, the activity level for that block of time will be 0%. When a manager or employee is looking at their activity data in the reports section or dashboard the activities are calculated to include this manual time activity of 0%.

So for example, if your employee tracked 2 hours with the time tracking application, and had an activity of 80% and then added 1 hour of manual time (0% activity), the activity % for that day would be calculated like this:

80% + 80% + 0% = 160 / 3 hours of time = 53.33%
Adding manual time reduces the activity level percentage.

Any manual time added will also appear on the screenshots page:

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Updated on: 12/03/2024

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