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How to see Tasks Listing

How to see Task Listing

Roles and Permissions:

Organization Owner/Manager :
They can Add Task List, View Task List and Edit Task List.

Delivery Head :
They can Add Task List, View Task List and Edit Task List.

Project Manager (User) :
They can't Add Task List. They can edit and view only assigned Task List.

User :
They can't Add Task List and Edit Task List . They can view only assigned Task List.

Please refer following link for accessing Roles and Permission :

Step 1:

Go to Project module and select Project >> Click on Task tab.

Step 2:

Tasks List Tab : by default you will see all task in Simple View.

Task List Tab : if you want to see all tasks list available in a particular milestone or project, Then click on simple view tab>> select Advanced View. In the Tasks List table, only Tasks List and Progress columns/parameters will be shown:

On each tasks list , shows the total number of available todo groups with the total number of tasks in it.
On Expanding tasks list, it will show all the tasks at are currently in it.

Tasks List / Tasks can be selected through a check box to perform bulk operations like Delete, Mark as complete & Move
- Delete - Will delete all the selected items ( only Tasks) for Tasks List it will perform the Delete Task List feature
- Mark as Completed - Mark all selected items as Completed
- Move - There will option to Move the tasks list in another Milestone.

Filter, Sort by and Export task:

A) Advanced Filter:

To apply a filter to the tasks, you can specify the criteria such as members, title, milestone, task list, parent tasks, status, priority, due date, overdue status, billable status, recurring status, over budget status, completion percentage, task type, tags, and created/reported by. Once you have selected the desired criteria, click "Apply" to filter the tasks accordingly.

B)Sort by:
To sort the tasks, you can choose one of the following options: Alphabetically, Created Date, Due Date, Start Date, or Task ID. Select your preferred sorting criteria from the dropdown menu to organize the tasks accordingly, You can see the selected sorting option as highlighted.

C) Export :
To export the tasks, you can choose one of the following options: Export as PDF or Export as CSV. Select your preferred export format from the dropdown menu to download the tasks accordingly. You are also able to export tasks according to applied filters

Updated on: 11/06/2024

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