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How to setup custom SMTP in Workstatus

How to setup SMTP in Workstatus?

Roles and Permissions:

Organisation Owner/Manager:

They can setup custom SMTP in workstatus.

Please refer following link for accessing Roles and Permission :

Mail Server : SMTP


First, please select Settings(1) from the main navigation menu. Then, click on integration (2) >> Add Integration (3).

Select SMTP from the list below


Enter below details:

Mail server: Your SMTP mail server
Mail Driver : SMTP
SMTP Secure Method: TLS/SSL
Username/ Email: Please input your server username/email id.
Name: As per your requirement
Email : id which you wish to see on the emails
Password: Your password
Click Save

Note: In order to check your SMTP connection, input your SMTP details and click on the "TEST CONNECTION" button. Once connection is successful save the settings and send your Invoice using your mail server.

Enter the Test Connection email id & Click Submit >> email is sent to the mentioned email id

Check your email >> Test connection email is received with mention note on step 9.

This means connection is now successfully established & mails now will come with above set customized email id

Updated on: 27/05/2024

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