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Onboarding Steps

Steps to follow while Onboarding

Role as a Organization owner.

Once the Organization is created, you land to your account >>Dashboard. There we can see Four Steps coming : Create a Project, Invite your Team, Track Time and Choose Plan.
Each link can be clicked to perform an action. Details stated below .

Step 1

Create Project >> Click on this tab to create Project for your organization and it lands to the Projects screen where you can add project.
Please follow this link to Add a Project:

Step 2

Invite your Team >> A pop up comes where you can ivite your team so they can start tracking time. You can set their role, assign them to projects, and even set weekly limits, bill rates, and pay rates.

Enter Email id , Role , Mode of invite(Visible or Stealth) & click on Sent Button.

Please follow this link to check on Invite process in detail :

Step 3

A) Track Time >> Applications : Choose the app that makes time tracking easiest for you. Work wherever you are with the desktop or mobile versions.

Please follow below links for detail on respective Apps:


Windows :

Linux :

Android :

iOS :

B) Track Time >> Manually : Add, edit, or remove time from the daily, weekly, or calendar timesheets view. Manual time entries have 0% activity rates

On clicking Add Time Manually Button >> Add Timesheet page is opened where you can add your time.


Choose Plan >> you are transferred to Subscription page , where you can see details of current plan and Upgrade too.

Please follow this link for details on subscription :

For Common queries in onboarding steps, Please follow this link :

Updated on: 04/06/2024

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