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How to do settings for Time Off Policies

TimeOff Policy setting

Roles and Permissions:

Organisation Owner/Manager:
They can set Time Off Policy settings for all members of organisation.

Please refer following link for accessing Roles and Permission :

Workstatus Time Off feature allows you to set policies that dictate the time off, or leave your team can take.

Time Off policies

Time Off policies


To add a time off policy, first, you will need to navigate to the Settings option on the left of the dashboard then click on its subheading Features and select Time Off.

Click on Add a policy


Next, the Add new policy dialog box will appear. You will be asked to fill in the following information:

Policy Name
Members – Select the team members you wish to add to the policy. You can automatically add members into the policy by clicking the Automatically add new members to this policy checkbox.
Automatically add new members to the policy
Schedule of Accrual
Annual – Balances are added at the start of each year.
Worked Hours – Allows you to add a custom number of hours of time off earned for every hour each team member worked
Policy joined Date - Balances are added at the date of joining policy.
Maximum Accrued Amount (Only available on annual accrual policies) – Here you would input a time-off credit balance each team member is eligible to receive at the start of every year.
Allow negative balances – This enables users to file a time off request even if their credit balance is “0.”
Balance rolls over annually – This enables the remaining balance from the previous year’s time off credits to roll over to the following year.
Requires approval – This requires each pending time off request to be approved by a manager/owner.
Paid – This configures the time-off credits as billable.

Now click on Save button. Go back to previous screen, newly added policy will be visible.

Updated on: 27/05/2024

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