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How to set the frequency of the screenshots?

How to set the frequency of the screenshots?

Roles and Permissions:

Organisation Owner/Manager:
They can set frequency of the screenshots of all members.

Please refer following link for accessing Roles and Permission :

The Workstatus settings page allows you to customize and manage how each Workstatus feature works within your organization.
To access your organization settings, click on Settings on the side panel.

Note : These settings can be done by organization Owner/Manager.

Screenshots Frequency

The frequency with which Workstatus records screenshots can be changed in Settings.


Click on the Settings tab on the left sidebar, then select Features.


Select the Activity tab, then click the Screenshots Frequency option.

Then you can select between none, 1x, 2x, and 3x frequencies of screenshots that you want the application to take for every 10-minute period by default.


You can also adjust the Screenshot frequency for each team member.

Updated on: 21/05/2024

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