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Job Sites (Geofencing)

Workstatus now supports Job Sites (also known as geofencing) which designates a specific area where your team is allowed to track time. The app can automatically start recording time when a user enters the job site or stop the timer when they leave the job site.

Whenever a user is tracking time within a job site, the system provides a report of when and for how much time the user spent at that job site, which you can generate and review with our Reports feature.

This guide will show you how you can access the Job Sites feature and use it for your team.

Restrict timer to Job Sites
Exit/Entry notifications

Restrict timer to Job Sites

You can also restrict time tracking to Job Sites. When this setting is enabled, users would not be able to start the timer unless they are within the Job Site radius.


Navigate to Settings > Features > Job site.


You should be on the Job Sites tab and see the Restrict timer to the job site setting.

The Default option will enable/disable the setting for the entire organization. You can also change individual settings which will override the organization default settings.

Exit/Entry Notifications

Organization owners and managers can be notified through the mobile app when their team is entering/exiting job sites, this way you’ll know exactly when and where your team is working.

To enable this setting, follow the steps below:


Navigate to Settings > Features > Job Sites


Click on Enter/exit notifications, then toggle the Default setting to enable/disable this feature for your entire organization, or toggle individual settings to enable it for some users and disable it for others.

Updated on: 25/01/2024

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